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About Me


About Me

My name is Mitch Hart and I am a Draftsman/Graphic Designer in Southern California. I have always had a passion for design, art, and discovering how things work. Drafting and graphic design allows me to combine those passions and deliver quality content. 

Along with designs behind a computer screen, I also have an interest in building cabinets, book cases, and various items around my house and working on mechanical things, whether it be bikes, cars, or motorcycles. Not only are these enjoyable to me as a hobby, but it has allowed me to bring a practical mindset to my drafting and the ability to visualize and understand how the ideas I portray will function in the real world


Freelance – CAD/Graphic designer – December 2016 to Present

As a freelance Draftsman and Graphic Designer I am working with Tom Deason Building Supply in Orange County creating scaled floor plans and interior elevations of their various cabinet and other miscellaneous wood working related projects. 

WesPac Midstream – CAD Draftsman/Graphic Designer – July 2013 to Present 

At WesPac I am the sole Draftsman and Graphic Designer in charge of all graphical representations for prospective and current LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects. I work with  Commercial Development teams to bring prospective projects to life through CAD layouts and graphical representations and Senior Project Managers on the engineering side with CAD Graphics for WesPac's projects.  Being a small company I was exposed to and given the opportunity to adapt to different roles within the organizations for example, I am the Webmaster for the WesPac's website and its various project websites as well as in house IT. 


Irvine Valley College – Associates of Science in Mathematics with and emphasis in Drafting

At IVC I have taken math and engineering classes, learning AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Google SketchUp with the ability to integrate into Google Earth.